Frequently Asked Questions

~ There are so many retreats available out there, even some at lower costs, what makes Samira Retreats a good choice?

A: Yes, there are some amazing retreats offered all over the world. We’ve been to a few ourselves. But what we will promise to offer is gifted, personalized, and caring instruction alongside having a great time in an amazing location! We like to eat. We like to drink. We like to socialize with interesting ladies (and men of course, when we offer mixed retreats!) So our retreat is about comfort, some respite from the daily grind (also known as ‘me time’), and simply enjoying life’s pleasures. We’re definitely not a serious group - but we’re full of love and dedicated to serving each one of our guests so that you may leave us feeling nourished and refreshed. This seems like a good reason to sign up and join us, yes?


~ What level of yoga do I need to be at?

A: Samira Retreats is open to *all levels*. Hosting only small retreats, we work with each individual within the session to achieve the most benefit. Using specific cues and hand-assists where needed, our sessions are personalized to encourage growth within your practice based on where you are at today. Our retreat is all about inclusivity - you can be a seasoned yoga veteran or brand new to the practice. Our style is tailored to offer growth/challenge/comfort to all levels. This is the real beauty of yoga - it’s for everyone! 


~ What is the age range of your retreats?

A: 21 years of age and up are welcome! However, if you’d like to bring your daughter along and she’s of high-school age, please email to find out if this is possible. The only restriction might be winery access, but most wineries are accommodating with these requests. So, in short, this request is certainly possible but please email us first.


~ Do I need to bring my own yoga mat and blocks? What about other yoga props?

A: Yes. However, if you encounter a situation where you need help with this, we’ll have a few extra onsite. For blankets/bolsters, we’ll have these available for our guests.


~ I’m bringing a friend with me and sharing a room, do we both need to register?

A: Yes. We need for all guests participating in the retreat to register, however the pricing is adjusted for those of you sharing a hotel room.


~ I’m bringing a guest along who is not joining the yoga sessions. Can I bring them along with me to non-yoga activities (dinners, wine experiences)? 

A: Please email to inquire. To keep things more intimate, we have limited seating at our dinners and other activities so it will depend on our numbers for the retreat. We’ll do the best we can to accommodate your request, but cannot make any promises.


~ I’m planning to stay on a few days after the retreat concludes, can I request any concierge support for my stay?

A: Of course! Amy will be happy to assist in recommending and reserving various activities for you and your guests (restaurants, wineries, hot air balloon excursions, etc.) 


~ How far is it from SFO/OAK or Sacramento airports to Napa? And can you suggest airport transfer arrangements? 

A: Absolutely! Email and she will guide you through the different options depending upon which airport you are flying into. Typically you will have Uber, Lyft options as well as an airport shuttle service based in Napa, or private limo. SFO is typically the furthest travel time -  anywhere from 1.5 hr to 2hr. depending upon traffic. OAK and Sacramento Airports are about 1.5hr. commute. 


~ I have food allergies and preferences, can you accommodate me?

A: For sure! We will be sending out a survey to all registered guests to collect some bits of information - including any food allergies/preferences we should know about. Amy will work closely with our restaurants to ensure everyone’s needs are met.


~ What happens if Covid-19 restrictions prevent me from attending, or if Napa county faces another shelter-in-place prior to the retreat?

A: We will be following national and local policies/restrictions very closely. If cities, including Napa county cities, are forced to shutter and shelter-in-place orders are activated, we will offer a full refund.


~ Will our retreat space be maintaining high safety standards during the Covid-19 pandemic?

A: Our yoga space at Hotel Yountville is ample size for our group of 15 to comfortably spread out. We will be going above and beyond to ensure that our yoga space is thoroughly cleaned and the hotel’s policies on Covid-19 preparedness is clearly stated on their website (


~ Will you offer mixed or couple retreats in the future? 

A: Yes, that is our plan! As we develop, we’ll look to offer 1-2 retreats yearly to include both men and women. Please keep visiting our website or sign up to receive our mailings to find out about future retreat schedules.