Our Team

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Co-founder Chae Hirano

Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Health Coach

Chae’s inspiration as a teacher is all about connectivity - fostering connections with each of her students - at all stages of their practice. Creating a space where everyone can feel empowered, joyful, and enlightened is paramount to her teaching style. With nearly 20 years teaching experience, Chae blends the best of yoga, pilates, barre, meditation and breathwork into her classes and retreats. From Sydney and Tokyo to Hong Kong and now California, she’s been a successful studio owner, worked at PURE YOGA, led retreats in Bali and Morocco, and now teaches at EQUINOX. Her travels have offered her beautiful connections all over the globe - something that her two daughters have been able to experience as well. “I find retreats incredibly valuable in that it removes the normal daily distractions and allows you to get really quiet and tap into your true potential of healing, growth and joyfulness.” 

Co-founder Amy Knopp

Food & Wine Enthusiast and Beginner Yogi

After living abroad for more than a decade, Amy now calls herself a Napa local. With more than 800 wineries and an abundance of crazy good restaurants in Napa Valley, she’ll never run out of food and wine inspiration. For the past 12 years, much of Amy’s work and passion has been in the nonprofit world - specifically supporting children’s homes (orphanages) in Japan. In August of 2018, she retired after hosting her last arts camp for Tokyo orphans. As for yoga, Amy is a beginner in her practice and became hooked after finding a nurturing teacher while living in Vietnam. Working out is in Amy’s DNA - from an early age she started playing sports and attended UNC Chapel Hill on a Field Hockey scholarship. Although today she looks at her workouts in a completely new light. “For me, it’s simply about some kind of movement everyday and this approach has made exercise a sustainable daily habit for me.” Amy is also an avid cheerleader of pranayama and meditation. “Just a simple 5 minute practice each day of connecting with my breath and getting my mind quiet has proven to be a powerful wellness tool for me.”

Our Secret Unicorns

Anouk Hirano - Website & Social Media Support

Being Chae’s daughter, Anouk is well schooled in the world of yoga and pilates. Having lived in Sydney, Tokyo and Hong Kong, she’s also been able to experience a variety of different cultures in her young life. Naturally adept in the social media world (unlike Amy and Chae), Anouk is developing our presence on Instagram with a youthful, creative and fresh approach. She’s also the kid responsible for helping build our beautiful website. If she weren’t so busy helping us out, she’d probably be running an animal shelter for rescue dogs from Korea (and sneaking some of those puppies home too)!

Darryl Knopp - Volunteer Business Manager & Jack-of-All-Trades

Darryl (Amy's husband) is our springboard for many of our business ideas and implementation. A banking/risk management executive with 25+ years of experience, he's also rolled up his sleeves and helped design our site and manages our email database.  He also pushes our money around so you might see his name on accounts or invoices. 


The Real Brains Behind the Business