Our Wellness Approach






Our Vitality Journey program is designed for those looking to make sustainable, thoughtful and impactful lifestyle changes. This is a tailored process designed for each client based on their goals and current lifestyle. As appropriate, we incorporate weekly exercise (yoga, pilates, cardio & strength training, and low intensity steady state exercise), along with meditation, pranayama and meal guidance. Our focus is on overall improved wellness - increased energy, better focus, quality sleep, tools for effective stress management, as well as increased mobility and cardio/strength abilities. At the end of the day we are guiding clients on integrating wellness habits into their daily lives - for the rest of their lives. Not a quick fix, or trendy program with fad diets - Vitality Journey empowers clients to develop their own daily wellness program that is both valued and sustainable. Click here to find out what some of our Vitality Journey clients are saying about their experience!

Pricing & How Our Program Works

To begin your journey, we’ll start off by learning a little bit about you and what your vision is in terms of personal wellness. We’ll send you a questionnaire to fill out (nothing too involved but enough to understand your current daily lifestyle and goals). This will be followed up with either an in-person chat or Zoom call. We’ll walk through your questionnaire answers and discuss what might be the ideal schedule for you as far as workouts and any food guidance to start you off (if requested) with the program. At that point, we’ll also establish your ideal starting program length (minimum 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks+). Although we will tailor to your specific needs/interests, click the box below for a typical example of what a client’s weekly program might look like:

Pricing will vary depending upon how many sessions you’d like each week and if you want any meal guidance support. 

  • $45 per zoom or in-person session (if in our program for more than 12 weeks, we'll drop per session price to $40)

  • $75 one-time fee for any requested health coach support (evaluation of food journal, meal plans, recipes)

  • Session cancellation fee - if less than 24 hours, $25 fee is applied, unless of course it's due to sickness/emergency

What else do you need to get started?

  • Yoga mat, blocks, strap

  • Some dumbbell weights, resistance bands (Amy will advise)

  • Supportive footwear for Amy’s sessions

  • If not doing sessions ‘in-person’, a laptop or an iPad that you prop up or attach to a stand so that we can clearly see one another during our sessions.

And you don’t need a lot of space for either type of session - we’ve been working with people in their living rooms for the past year now!