Bright Beginnings Amidst Turbulent Times

2020. How do you follow that with more sentences? There should be an emoji created that somehow captures crazy, scared, grateful, frustrated, hopeful, depressed, and strength - maybe attached to an IV-drip that's filled with wine?! But as I look back at each of those words, I realize this is life in any other "normal" year - we just were intensely tested in 2020, getting hit all at once.

However, the intensity of 2020 made the bright spots that much brighter, more special. One brilliant spot has been starting up Samira Retreats. In a time of insanity, to find purpose in developing wellness offerings that serve to bring calm, gratitude, renewal, and strength has been therapeutic in its own right.

Although we've faced delays in launching our first retreat (coming to Napa Valley in September 2021!!), we've already started working with clients in a meaningful way through our personal wellness program, Vitality Journey), and soon, we'll be launching our first corporate wellness retreat this April in Ojai, CA. Slow and steady-ish, we've been riding the wave of uncertainty while keeping focused on our goal to encourage, nurture, and empower people to develop sustainable wellness habits - habits that work for them - while laying a foundation of 'momentum' that can keep those habits going in times of uncertainty and hardship (when we need them most!).

It's not about maxing yourself out. It's not about numbers on a scale (although some clients will have that specific goal, and that's OK too), it's not about deprivation. It IS about getting to know what's important to you, taking time to check in with yourself each day - connecting with your body and mind. We want you to feel energized, rested, empowered and grateful (for the work your body and mind accomplishes every day). Although we all share similarities in both goals and struggles, each person's journey will look and feel a bit different - unique to you. This is what's most important. Creating the most sincere connection for yourself - that will ultimately build a strong wellness relationship. Might sound a little cheezy - but if you really stop to think about it - this is truly the most significant part of any *sustainable* wellness journey. It's not the 30-day detox or 60-day workout challenge (which many of us have done and it has its place too!). It is the "for the rest of your life" wellness relationship that will prove successful - that will ride the wave of changes, challenges and new goals.

This is the essence of Samira Retreats - finding and maintaining that mind/body connection with yourself. And it is our pleasure, honor, and pure joy to help our clients make this connection.

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