Our retreats are designed solely with these elements in mind:

Renewal of spirit - a chance to slow down, pause, get quiet, go deep, relax and ultimately re-energize!

Connectedness - both on and off the mat! Taking time to reflect on your present state of mind and engaging with others who share the same love of yoga, travel, food and wine.

Fun - need we say more? We like to do yoga, we appreciate a great meal out, and we love wine. For us, it’s all about balance! 


Upcoming Retreat 

Napa Valley September 17-19, 2021

*Women-focused retreat

For our inaugural retreat this September, we will host you in the heavenly town of Yountville, CA - nestled right in the heart of Napa Valley. Yountville’s setting is surrounded by stunning vineyards, Michelin-rated restaurants, tasting rooms and local artisan shops and galleries, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing retreat. In one highly walkable street, the abundance of amazing food, wine and shops truly makes it feel like heaven! With the towns of Napa, Rutherford, Oakville, St. Helena and Calistoga between 10-25 minutes away, there is much to explore. We have selected the luxury boutique hotel - Hotel Yountville - as our retreat home. Incredibly cozy with gorgeous guest rooms, spa, outdoor bar and heated pool, courtyards and art installations - we think it’s the perfect place to lay your head at the end of a fulfilling day.

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How does a RETREAT differ from your daily practice?

The great thing about a retreat is the opportunity to go deeper. Simply by removing the usual daily distractions, your body and mind can rejuvenate, refresh and reflect in a more pronounced way over the course of a few days. 


We tend to store up many moments in our brain (good and bad), which ultimately manifests itself in various parts of the body. So when you’re able to really slow down and get quiet, you’re often able to identify real places of tension or areas where you need to spend more time on. A simple example is to realize that you’ve been shallow breathing most days of late - which is quite typical for a lot of people. 


Samira Retreats offers guests a chance to slow down, hit refresh, connect with others over great food and wine - as well as to explore new places. We’re not a serious group - and it should be emphasized these retreats are open to all levels of yoga! In fact, if you’re brand new to yoga, a retreat is a great way to get yourself started on your own practice and get class-ready for a studio back home. We’re able to work with all levels in a way that benefits each person and provides a chance to grow. We offer a sanctuary where everyone can safely and comfortably practice - as well as truly recharge.